Heavy duty

The H2-powered multirole drone that changes it all

Downtown airport

Versatile Point-to-Point shuttle that ease commuters life

With a 24 seats and an ability to land vertically on natural surfaces, Octofan enables unseen city integration.

Meet the new truck

Versatile Point-to-Point logistics, H2-backed, with best in class efficiency

With a net payload of more than 4tons and loading volume of more than 24 m3, Octofan freighter is a game changer in logistics.

Disk loading

Octofan exhibits optimal form-factor

Octofan form factor is a subtle compromise between low disk loading enabling high efficiency and tight outline to allow for seamless integration on ground.

The missing Link

Flying offshore LH2 tanker. Next stop: gas station

H2 is emerging as the best vector to bring back to shore the massive power of offshore wind. Here comes the first eVTOL LH2 tanker that offers a direct link between offshore wind farms and final consumer onshore. fetch LH2.

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Untouched landscapes

Heavy duty eVTOL only require light infrastructures

Imagine beautiful landscapes without the overwhelming road, rails, airports, docks infrastructure. Imagine those spaces left untouched. But imagine them with vibrant economic activities!

Welcome aboard!

Lofty air lounge with vista awaiting pioneers...